Who I Am

My name is Eddy Bullock and on any given day I can be an engineer, artist, maker or hacker. Typically, its some oddly formed combination of all of the above.

Born and raised in Detroit, MI in 1979, I found a love for all things mechanical at a very young age. My parents fostered that and then did the same when I showed an interest in electronics and computers. I have a vast knowledge of many different things, I always say that I know a little bit about a lot and a lot about a little bit.

Professionally, for the past 13 years or so, I've worked with industrial robots and machine automation, building the machines that build cars. Effectively, I get paid to make these machines work to their potential, like they were designed to. In this capacity I wear many different hats, being an engineer, programmer, IT, troubleshooter, electrician, pipe fitter and fabricator are all different skills that I may use every day. With pride, I can say that I'm just as comfortable sitting behind a laptop writing code as I am debugging a 3 door electrical panel filled with controls or even with my face behind a welding mask. Jack of all trades, master of some.


What I Do

I design, I build, I create, I'm pretty good at making things work.

Way back, I started building my shop out to house and work on old cars, equipping it on the back of the failing auto industry here in Detroit. Somewhere along the line, and with zero training, I started making art and found that I'm not terrible at it. People dig it and I discovered that I enjoy building one off creations much more than spinning wrenches. I've come a long way since those early days and can say with certainty that I'm well on my way to becoming master a fabricator/builder.


My Work

The photos and videos below are a sample of things that I've made.

I've been featured a handful of times, read up on some of the cool things I've done:

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Say Hello.

Feel free to send me a quick hello, or to inquire about what I do.