Who I Am

My name is Eddy Bullock and on any given day I can be an engineer, artist, maker or hacker.

Born and raised in Detroit, MI in 1979, my professional career has been in industrial robotics.

Soon after graduating college in 2003, I started building my shop out, equipping it off the back of the failed automotive industry. It is in my shop where you can find me most evenings and weekends, creating, tinkering, making and doing.


What I Do

I design, I build, I create, I'm pretty good at making things work. I hold a very diverse set of skills that I've honed over the years and would say that I am the quintessential jack of all trades when it comes to building things. I am just as comfortable sitting behind a laptop writing code as I am laying on my back, welding upside down.

While I have many technical and technological skills, my passion absolutely lies in traditional metal work and is where I typically focus my attention.


My Work

The photos and videos below are a sample of things that I've made.

I've been featured a handful of times, read up on some of the cool things I've done:

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Model D Media

JVIS Corporate Website

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Say Hello.

Feel free to send me a quick hello, or to inquire about what I do.